PATEWOOD PYRS – Great Pyrenees


We believe the size of our babies’ hearts is the most important attribute any of our puppies can have. Bling, Zen and Luna are all loving and joyous creatures. This is what makes them special, not the fact that they are drop dead beautiful…but come on …the glam is fun! So here is the latest glam report:

April 15, 2018 was another red letter day for Patewood Pyrs.  The love of Zen’s life, our beautiful Luna is now CH Cherlyns LaLuna of Patewood!  She is now a champion and went on to take Best of Opposite Sex too.


March 23, 2018 was a huge day for Patewood Pyrs. We have our first CHAMPION! Introducing CH Cherlyns Zenith of Patewood! He also took Best of Breed that day and the next day for his first major grand champion win and points. So very proud of this boy. And on March 24, 2018 when Zen was busy winning Best of Breed, Luna had to put in her two cents and win Best of Opposite Sex!  Can I say it was a very good day?!!!!!!


March 16, 2018 saw Zen and Luna get back in the show ring at the Monticello New York Kennel Club show. It was quite a day for the Patewood Dream Team. Zen took Winner’s Dog and Best of Winners. Luna took Winner’s Bitch and Best of Opposite Sex! What a pair they are. Can hardly wait to see their puppies this fall!zenlunacrop3


Cherlyns Zenith of Patewood

As of April 1, 2018, Sweet Zen is a CHAMPION!  He finished his championship on March 23rd at the New Brunswick Kennel Club show and proceeded to take Best of Breed the same day. The next day at the Bronx Kennel Club show he went on the win Best of Breed again for his first major win and points towards his Grand Champion title. (Luna won Best of Opposite Sex that day too!) He has gone on to win 2 Select Dogs and another Best of Breed! He is, without a doubt, his father, Ajax’s, son. Carrying on Ajax’s grace, nobility and presence.

Cherlyns LaLuna of Patewood

As of April 15, 2018 our stunning Luna is a CHAMPION!  LaLuna finished her title at the Mason & Dixon Kennel Club show. She also took home Best of Opposite sex that day. I am so very proud of my lovely girl. LaLuna is retiring from the show ring in order to more effectively guard the farm (LOL) and to prepare for her first litter of puppies!




Suzanne’s love of the Great Pyrenees began over eleven years ago when she had the pleasure of meeting Cheryl Grimshaw of Cherlyn Pyrenees and her amazing bitch “Glory”. It was love at first sight and Cheryl graciously allowed Suzanne to take home a puppy from Glory’s last litter. This bundle of fur captured Suzanne’s heart and grew into CH Cherlyns Ajax T’ Greatest Glory (Ajax). His beauty is only exceeded by his gentle, kind and wise spirit. Suzanne was hooked on the breed.

CH Cherlyns Ajax T’Greatest Glory is the heart of Suzanne and Patewood Pyrs. Born in 2004 – it didn’t take long for everyone to realize Ajax was special. Big, beautiful and gentle – he has always epitomized what a Great Pyrenees is supposed to be. He won his championship title in 2007 by the time he was 3.  In 8 shows he won 8 firsts, 1 reserve winners dog, 7 winners dog and 7 best of winners! Absolutely amazing! After taking 8 years away from the show ring, Ajax went back in as an 11+ veteran at the Nationals to win 2 first places! His OFA hip rating of excellent has helped him sire many gorgeous, healthy winning puppies.

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One day in 2014, Ajax saw the exquisite Cherlyns Class is Forever (Eva) and I can’t say we can blame him for his ardor.

This love affair resulted in six beautiful puppies born on June 17, 2014 under the watchful eye of Cheryl.

eva pups

One of these puppies claimed Suzanne’s soul and Ajax’s son, Cherlyns Zenith of Patewood (Zen), joined the Patewood family.

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Not wanting our boys to be lonely, Cheryl assisted us in choosing a female furball to bring home. From Abstrax’s Rotten to the Core and Cherlyns The Donald, Cherlyns LaLuna of Patewood was added to the growing pack.

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In November of 2016 we were graced by the presence of the beautiful Bling. This older champion female joined the family to give Ajax some company his own age! Bling has given Ajax a new spring to his step and the two of them are enjoying their retirement years together. Thank you Cheryl Grimshaw for allowing us to add this special girl to our Pyr family.

We hope to be welcoming our first litter to the farm in the fall of 2018 under the guidance of Cheryl. Stay tuned for news. We believe Zen and Luna will make beautiful, healthy, correct puppies! Zen and Luna have passed all of their tests with flying colors – hips, eyes, heart, patellar! Do contact me if you are interested in a Patewood Pyrenees as we already have several reservations for the litter. Each home will be carefully checked – pet home or show home – we just want our babies to be loved and cherished.

Patewood Pyrs would not exist without the guidance, knowledge, generosity and friendship of Cheryl Grimshaw of Cherlyn Pyrenees. From honoring us with a dog as special as Ajax, to teaching Suzanne about whelping puppies, Cheryl has shared her vast knowledge without reservation. We will strive to do our best to live up to the high standards Cheryl has taught us as we to continue to learn from this wonderful woman and her fabulous dogs.