Chocolate Moose photo by Nelson Albert

Moose, is a Hispano-Arabe (1/2 Andalusian, 1/2 Arabian). This cross-breed is used extensively in Spain for work in the bullfighting ring because of their speed, suppleness and intelligence. Here in the US, Moose has tamer work, being one of our favorite school horses.


Toblerone ridden by Lillian Huey



TOBLERONE (Turbo Toby)
Toby is a Quarter Horse gelding with talent and personality to spare.  He is a perfect teacher for beginners and intermediate alike.


Bravo Do Patewood photo by Drake C Stinson



Bravo is Patewood Farm’s first baby and the son of Ultima V.O. At almost 6 years old he is growing into the foundation stallion we have dreamed of. His gentle but spirited temperament and his amazing talent make him exciting for all to watch or ride.


Ultima V.O. photo by Emmanuelle Jaborska

ULTIMA V.O. (The Princess)
This remarkable mare is the very best of Brazil.  She is the rare combination of a performance mare and a marvelous mother. Not only is she a thrill to ride but her babies are incredible. Both of her babies, Bravo Do Patewood and Fiera Do Patewood, are magnificent examples of the Lusitano breed.


At 13″, Heidi is a lot of fun in a small package.  This POA can do it all.  She is the perfect school horse for small children and can teach them everything from how to post to how to jump.  She is safe enough for six year old beginners and yet is still fun for the more advanced small riders.  We simply cannot say enough good things about this girl!



In 2015, I lost my heart, my inspiration and my number one teacher, Tesoro Vistoso.  How truly blessed I was to have had this amazing creature in my life. Everything good about my riding, my teaching and my love of life can be directly attributed to him.  All my faults are in spite of him. He taught me joy, he taught me gentleness, he taught me to ride like water, flowing from  move to move. I ride, I teach, I train for you my dear one.  In your memory I will try to pass on your amazing wisdom.  I will dance with you again as I dance with you in my heart every day.  – Suzanne