Patewood Farm is now offering a limited number of quality horses for sale to approved homes.
Specializing in imported Iberians (Andalusians and Lusitanos) and Baroque horses
Patewood can help you find the Iberian of your dreams!
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This big, bold colt is a born performer with tons of presence. Beautiful free shoulder, fabulous neck, serious bone and a lovely over-stride while maintaining the Friesian knee-action. He would excel at dressage, driving or any discipline that he sets his mind to. He is athletic, big and a hard-to-find baroque style Friesan! He marries the big old style body of his fabulous mother with the gorgeous movement of his father Bene 476. He has a huge, expressive eye and a beautiful head. He is confident, outgoing, loves people, and is curious and playful. He stood like an absolute champ for the vet for his first shots. This spectacular colt will be an amazing performance horse. His conformation and bloodlines also make him an incredible breeding candidate – not to mention his coefficient of only 1.37! He should mature 16’1”+. His sire is Bene 476 (16’1”+) and his dam is Von Storm (16’1”+). FHANA/KFPS registered and microchipped. Born 6-24-2017. 13K until he is 1 year old.


DEM Lexus


Congratulations Ellen Leslie on your new partnership with Lexus. We are all excited to watch the two of you grow together!

This beautiful full sister to the amazing DEM Carlito is looking for her forever partner. Smoky black and just as stunning as her brother, at 7 she has already won more ribbons than I can count! She is an extremely successful jumper and dressage horse but we feel her future lies in dressage and working equitation. 14117804_10153923696373995_900629368966951340_n 13895052_10153878729373995_7822397040801880672_nLexus is sensitive and responsive but level headed and kind. She stands a big 15’+ and rides much bigger than her size. She has a lovely reach and plenty of impulsion but all very controlled and elegant. A true lady, she combined the power that is the trademark of the Veiga Lusitano with the grace of a mare.  Her bloodlines are a marvelous crossing of the Veiga line of her sire, Hipogrifo with the Andrade line of her dam, TeTe Va. We are asking $17,000 at this time but the price will change to reflect her training as she progresses.

DEM Carlito


Congratulations Renee Reed and Jacey Prosser!

IMG_5199 DSC_0571 DSC_0058

DEM Carlito is a 15’2”, 7-year-old, smoky black Lusitano. A classic Lusitano, I call him my racing Porsche, the ultimate sports car. Speed, power and agility all with fingertip controls. Sensitive and responsive, he is the dream horse for a soft, subtle and confident rider. His wonderful lateral work and impulsion contribute to him being a lovely dressage partner with his classic noble looks and his engaging presence. His suppleness, agility, speed and intelligence make him a perfect working equitation horse. Carlito is truly a horse that can do it all. He is easy to ride in a simple snaffle and has just been introduced to the double bridle which he appears to enjoy. Standing 15’2”, he is a solid horse with a big body and substantial bone – he easily carries a tall person as I am 5’10” with super long legs. He is also a barn favorite as he loves to flirt and play with people. There are not enough superlatives in the English language to adequately describe this horse – he is very special and deserves a special dance partner of his own! He is priced at $20,000 but that price will not last long as he responds very quickly to training and his price will change to reflect his development.


No longer for sale – I simply cannot part with this amazing mare…sorry!

IMG_3748We are offering for sale Iniciu do Patewood born June 19, 2013.  Iniciu is a spectacular filly.  Standing over 15′ 2″ at 3 years of age, she should mature to close to or over 16′. This big, black filly is from the amazing mare, Ultima V.O. who was the last foal from the incomparable Dragao II and through this gets her strong Andrade bloodlines.  Ultima’s dam is Lantejoula Do Top from the famous Do Top lines of Brazil.

Iniciu’s sire is the amazing Canadian stallion Bravario who received a 76 in his APSL revision!

Although her pedigree (Ultima VO x Bravario – heavy Andrade bloodlines – registration in process), color and size would make her a wonderful broodmare, she has the power and presence that just screams performance mare! A natural uphill carriage, a lovely free shoulder, scopey trot, straight movement and a hind end that poets write songs about – there is nothing to not love about this mare. She has been handled a lot – imprint trained, has had a saddle, boots, in hand work and round pen work. At three, she has begun her lunging work and we are about to begin long lining her, then bridling and sitting on her. Her formal work will not begin until she is 4. It the perfect time to start your work with her to build that special bond she so wants. You can see more pictures of Iniciu at our Facebook page under our photo album Inicu do Patewood.    Contact us for details.


Iniciu do Patewood showing her stuff – 86 days old

Ultima V.O with her filly Iniciu do Patewood at 41 days old




All half leases include three rides a week, one of which is a lesson with Suzanne or Emmanuelle.



This 15’3″ Thouroughbred mare is a joy to work with.  She is athletic and willing, with plenty of go and a level head.  She is suitable for beginners to advanced riders.  Her training is training level with a leg yield, shoulder in and haunches in.  Pepper is available for lease for $500 per month.




Ufo do Retiro owned by Elly Lessin

Orador Do Top owned by Melinda Damico

Organico H.M. owned by Cindy Belford

Suplicio da Raposa owned by Nancy Himmelblau

Quatrihlo do Budipa owned by Tanya Kramer

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