Photo by Emmanuelle Jaborska

“Thank you Suzanne Marshall for your wisdom, strength, love and support. You have helped me find my passion and encouraged me to move so far beyond where I had ever dreamed I would be able to go. I can’t wait to see how things unfold.” EL

“I am sooooo blessed to have found you all–thank you for the love I feel from each of you–there is always such a feeling of joy. ” EL

“I am so glad that God placed us in this supportive, uplifting environment where growth is nourished and encouraged so that such incredible things can take place. Thank you Suzanne!” EML

“Thank you Suzanne and everyone in the Patewood family to make us feel so welcome. We had an awesome day.” EG

“Hey Suzanne it’s a beginning of a new day and I was thinking of how I have grown since I have been at your barn. I am astounded to be able to learn and grow through Patewood Farm and can’t wait to see what’s in store for me next.” MC

“I can always rest easy at night knowing my boys are with you. It is comforting to know they are treated with such love by everyone at Patewood.” KW

“Is it magic or is it Patewood? My mare has never been so calm and confident. Riding and handling her has been such a pleasure since I found you all. Thank you!” SS

“Beyond the professional training and clinics, I cherish the respect for animals, the peacefulness and the deeply rooted friendship that Patewood shares.” MD

“I was trained in dressage for about 16 years, and was not happy with it to the point that I almost walked away from horses when my other Warmblood was gone. Then I discovered the French method and Patewood Farm and am having the time of my life and I truly love to ride again.” CG


Suzanne with Fiera Do Patewood at 2 hours old.

“You share your love, joy and passion of these elegant and beautiful creatures and open the doors for us to learn to dance with them. Thank you.” EM

“Lightness, beauty and simplicity are the things most important in life, and the ones which are the most easily forgotten. Thank you for showing me the way.” MW

“Seeing Suzanne Marshall in action this weekend renewed and inspired me. Suzanne, you are a FABULOUS teacher! You gave us skill and hope.” RF

“It would not have been possible without Suzanne Marshall, her genuine love for both the horse and rider, and her amazing willingness to share that love and her knowledge.” EML

“Thank you so much again for the wonderful clinic yesterday. I worked on the halt/walk transitions, leg yield and shoulder-ins at the walk today. You are an amazing teacher!” EG

“It was great meeting you and thank you for an amazing day. It was extremely informative and I walked away with a whole new outlook on riding my boy. I’m looking forward to future clinics!” CG

“I love how you appreciate your horses love, beauty and kindness. You are an amazing horse person.” EDG

“What an amazing way to ride! Thank you Suzanne Marshall,” SL

“Suzanne I must thank you again for giving me back my love and passion for riding.” JM

“Thank you thank you thank you (I can’t say it enough) for being a wonderful teacher!” PT

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are wonderful! Thank you for sharing your gift.” KW

“I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me and my boy. To feel connected to him like this is amazing!” KE

“I never knew riding could be so light and effortless. I can’t believe it took me fifteen years to discover you! You are the best!” LM

“When I had time to start again due to my daughter being older I found I had lost my confidence all over again.  That is what led me to Suzanne Marshall. With her patience and enthusiasm I was enjoying myself all over again.  I got my confidence back and we were doing things I never thought I would be doing.” AC

“The discipline, yet gentleness of Suzanne Marshall’s training, has given my horse the platform he needed to flourish.” MD

Suzanne and the people of Patewood thank you all for your kind words! Patewood would not be Patewood without you!

photo by Madison Wells

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