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Patewood Farm offers the finest in horse care. From deluxe full board to pasture board, Patewood creates an environment in which your horse will flourish. We treat each horse as our own.


  • 12x 12 rubber matted stalls
  • Grain fed AM and PM – Each horse’s feed is customized to their specific needs.
  • Hay fed AM, afternoon, PM and night check
  • Lots of turnout – small herd, private or semi-private
  • Heated water buckets in winter – heated water in pastures and paddocks
  • Stall fans in summer
  • Personalized attention for each horse
  • No additional charge for blanketing, fly masks, fly sprays etc.


Suzanne working with Nancy Himmelblau.

Learn to ride or improve your skills in an environment that encourages you to grow as a rider. Suzanne’s gentle and playful approach makes learning to ride fun and challenging.


  • Lessons in basic English equitation and French Classical Dressage
  • Riders of all ages and levels are welcome – from beginner to advanced
  • Lessons on our trained school horses or on your own horse
  • Private and group lessons available



Suzanne working Suplicio Da Raposa

Suzanne is well known for her gentle, patient and effective training methods. Solidly based in the French Classical school, horses trained at Patewood are encouraged to reach their maximum potential while retaining the unique personalities that make each horse special. You can read more about Suzanne on our Staff page or go to Suzanne Marshall Dressage.

  • Classical correct training for all levels
  • Training programs customized to meet the needs of you and your horse
  • Babies are welcome – from ground manners to backing
  • Stallions are welcome
  • Rehabilitation


Bravo Do Patewood photo Emmanuelle Jaborska


Patewood Farm is now standing Bravo Do Patewood.  This 16’2″, black PSL (Lusitano) stallion is from the finest bloodlines Brazil has to offer.  His dam, our very own Ultima V.O., is the final daughter of the incomparable stallion Dragao II, one of the most influential Lusitanos in Brazil.  Through Dragao and Ultima Bravo inherits his strong Andrade bloodline and type.  His sire Quattro Do Top is a very important stallion in Brazil now and is the grandson of the famous Afiancado De Flandes.

He is available for breeding in Spring of 2016 to select mares.  Find out more on his page.





Patewood regularly has horses of all breeds and training levels available for half lease.  Check out Horses For Sale and Lease page. Contact Patewood for more information about what horses are available.

Patewood also accepts commission sales horses on a limited basis. Let Patewood get and maintain your horse in top shape to bring in a top price.

Patewood often has horses for sale or can help you find the horse of your dreams.  Check out our Horses For Sale page.  Also, drop Suzanne a note and tell her what you are looking for.  If we don’t have a suitable horse she can often help locate your horse through her extensive contacts here and abroad.

Current Price List available upon request.


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